Impartial, Expert Advice
For Aging in Place

Helping Seniors Remain Independent

If you have concerns about aging parents remaining in their home, or you are a senior choosing to age in place. Some common questions include:

  • Is the home comfortable, healthy and safe?

  • What is a realistic budget for health or safety repairs or accessibility modifications to the home?

  • The roof leaks, but do I really need an entirely new roof?

  • The basement has just leaked for the first time, but do I really need to dig up the entire perimeter of the house for waterproofing?

  • What can be done to avoid overcharging and other home renovation schemes/ scams?

We can help. We will be your advocate on any matter pertaining to the repair or maintenance of your home so that you can rest easy.

Ask for an on-site consultation with one of our renovation and home repair experts today. You will get our 100% impartial, expert advice on the best and most cost-effective solutions for home modifications.

We help you determine a realistic budget for both immediate and future repairs and maintenance.

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Our Services FOR SeniORS:

Services FOR:

Complete Home Inspection and Advice for Comfort and Safety

Service includes:

Installation of handrails, wheelchair ramps and stair lifts, additional light fixtures, modifications to kitchens and bathrooms and conditions of existing functional systems which may need maintenance.

We will outline only what needs to be done – nothing more.

Final Inspection for Renovations and Repair Projects

Protect yourself and ensure that your renovation or home repair project was done properly. Don’t make that final payment until you are confident that things were done right.

We can inspect full-scale renovations and smaller projects such as;

  • Re-roofing

  • Basement waterproofing

  • Kitchen remodelling

  • Bathroom remodelling

Our team of experts will perform a Final Inspection to confirm that your project adheres to industry standards, and honours the contract agreed upon by you and the contractor.

Don’t surrender your last bargaining chip – have your project inspected before you make that final payment!