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At RenoLogic, we believe that it’s our personal approach that sets us apart. We come to you! Our on-site consultations and inspections will empower you with the knowledge you need to take control of your renovation and repair projects.

All our fees are charged by the hour, allowing you to completely customize the service. We’re as involved as you want us to be – you’re in control.



Time and Fee


Consultations for Small Renovations

A site visit is conducted for a consultation focused on the small renovation project, like a kitchen or a basement.
A Short Term Action Plan Report is prepared.

1.5 Hours
$400 min. (+hst)

Duration: 1.5 Hours
Fee: $400 min. (+hst)

Pre-Renovation Inspection

A full house inspection is conducted to determine existing conditions, feasibility of design objectives and what existing features of the house must be replaced.

3 Hours

Duration: 3 Hours
Fees: $600min.(+hst)

Renovation Coaching Action Plan

A consultation to determine renovation goals and chart the best course of action to achieve them. A Renovators Action Plan report is prepared.

2 Hours
$550 min.(+hst)

Duration: 2 Hours
Fees: $400 min.(+hst)

Home Repair Advice

A site visit is conducted to determine root cause and solution for a particular problem. A Problem Solving Report is prepared.

1-1.5+ Hours
$350 min.(+hst)

Duration: 1-1.5+ Hours
Fees: $300 min.(+hst)

Final Renovation or Repair Inspection

An inspection is performed to review all completed work prior to final payment to contractor

Dependent on size of project

Dependent on size of project

Baseline Condition Survey

An inspection and photographic audit is performed to assess the state of your home before a neighbouring property undergoes renovations. A report is issued and hundreds of photos are stored for your protection.

$450-550 min.(+hst)

$450 min.(+hst)

For information on our renovation and construction disputes services and fees, please see visit our partner company R.D.S. – Renovation Dispute Specialists.

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