Estimating Guide

How Much Will Your Renovation or Repair Project Cost?

Estimating how much to budget for your renovation or home repair project is an important part of the reno planning process. Do you know how much to budget for a basement, new windows or adding a deck?

Below you will find the estimates for some of the more common renovations, repairs and improvements.

All estimates are based on a 1,400 square foot, 2 story, 3 bedroom house in an urban area. Estimates assume average quality building materials and professional workmanship.

New Deck

Min. $25 sq.ft for pressure treated (not including design or labour)

Basement Renovation

Underpinning $50,000 min.

Lowering floor $30,000 min.

Renovating existing older rec rooms $50 sq.ft. min.

Create an in-law suite $30,000 min.

Roof Replacement

Min.$3.00 sq.ft for asphalt shingles

Window Replacement

Min. $75 sq.ft for wood/vinyl windows

Kitchen Cabinet Replacement

Min. $300 linear foot

Bathroom Renovation

Min. $15,000 for a small bathroom

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